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Leads and Protections

The importance of protection.

The connecting lead is very important. It is recommended for standing up to every situation: shocks, vibrations, sudden movements to avoid scratches, crisscrossing, breakage, etc., as well as different environmental situations like excessive heating, moisture, water, etc.

Nikel Rods

Nikel Rods Ref. Vn.
Rigid pure nickel rods where required for moving the position of the connection. They do not resist repeated movements. They are coated with insulating materials.

Glass Fibre Lead

Glass Fibre Lead Ref. P.Cv.
Pure nickel lead, sheated with glass fibre, coated with silicone, it stands up well to heat. It is a standard lead.

Fluoropolymer Lead (PFA)

Fluoropolymer Lead (PFA) Ref. P.Tf.
Ideal for watertightness and cleanliness of the cable. Not resistant to excessive heat.

Flexible Silicone Lead

Flexible Silicone Lead Ref. P.Sf.
Ideal for excessive motion, vibration and moderate temperature.

3 Core Silicone Tube

3 Core Silicone Tube Ref. P.Cs.
Ideal for long distances. Not resistant to high temperatures. Copper interior.

Silicone Sleeve

Silicone Sleeve Re. P.Fs.
Ideal for enviroment, moisture with moderate friction. Protects the interior of glass fibre lead.


Steatite Ref. Pst.
Ideal for high temperatures. Only pure nickel wire in its interior. Not resistant to excessive vibrations or shocks.

Glass Sleeve

Glass Sleeve Ref. P.Fv.
Protects against high temperatures, moderate friction. Ideal for twin conductor cable.

Twisted Web

Twisted Web Ref. P.Tm
For places with high friction and constant flexibility. Web in stainless steel.

Nickel Tube

Nickel Tube Ref. P.Tv.
Protects against shocks and spillage of viscous products, relative mobility.


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