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Maxiwatt disposes of a developing research team with extensive experience in the industrial sector of Cartridge Heaters.

For over 50 years they have carried out tests and studies to obtain better results. Our study process of a new product always begins with an analysis of improving the needs of our clients: adapted designs, reducing handling time (installation, insertion and removal of heater elements).

Our new patented extractor of Cartridge heaters design enables a quick, clean, and easy way to withdrawal the cartridge heaters, in another way it would be impossible. The extractor can be installed in the vast majority of the cartridge heaters and no special tools required. Does not deteriorate with time. Constructed of high strength stainless steel, as the cartridge heater.

Extraction for any resistance with elbow

The extractor is inserted through the elbow

Removal for any resistance

It is designed to the diameter of the tube

The thread is turned

Our professional TIG welding team brings them together permanently

Resistance is removed without damage

Removal keeps cables undamaged


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